Positive Effects of Drinking Water

Positive Effects of Drinking Water

Our bodies are made up of water with a range between 50-70%! You’ve heard you can go on days without eating food but you can not go days without drinking water. We need to stay hydrated since our bodies are literally made up of water, it makes sense! Here are some positive effects of drinking water (other than staying alive that is.)

Helps With Brain Function 

positive effects of drinking water for brain

That’s right, drinking water affects the way your brain functions! Who would have thought? Just by losing 1-3% of body weight (an example of a mild dehydration stage) can literally affect the way your brain works. By staying hydrated and drinking water throughout the day, your cognitive can function better vs when being mildly dehydrated. Staying hydrated can also help with mood stability .

Helps With Headaches

positive effects of drinking water headaches

By drinking water, your chance of headaches may decrease due to the fact it might be simply from being dehydrated! Studies also show that drinking water can help relieve headaches for those that often experience headaches. Drinking water may also help prevent getting headaches as well and relieving from current headaches.

Helps Workout Performance

positive effects of drinking water for working out

Our muscles contain 80% of water so when we are working out and sweating, it's a no brainer that we are constantly losing that water supply. Drinking water helps keep your body temperature under control, increase motivation, decrease fatigue, and may even help reduce oxidative stress. Overall drinking water helps boost workout performance significantly. 

Helps Your Metabolism 

positive effects of drinking water for metabolism

Drinking water helps aid in weight loss by boosting your metabolic rate. By having an increased metabolism, this helps burn more calories! 

Conclusion: Not getting enough water intake can really impact you mentally and physically so make sure you keep up with your water supply throughout the day to get all the positive effects of drinking water. Cheers!

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