how to lose weight and keep it off

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

We all have a basic understanding of what we should be consuming and what we should limit in our consumption habits and know when it comes to losing weight it can get very specific and scientific which can be a migraine. However, there are other ways to losing weight it doesn't have to be rocket science, it only requires basic common sense/ awareness. There is no key or secret hidden in this blog, this will be straightforward tools and suggestions to aid you in achieving your weight loss and maintenance goals.

Different Body Types For Weight Loss

First we are not all built the same way, nor are our bodies metabolic systems. Being aware of what body style we have is a great foundational point to reference. Also not obsessing over a number on a scale. 

Allow me to explain further. Some people are more broad than others in different sections of their bodies, while others are petite. Some are tall, others are short. This is a great baseline to be conscious of when pursuing goals. Say a female basketball athlete which averages over 6ft tall and can weigh over 180lbs. This could be intimidating to an “average” male around the upper 5ft range for example and say in the 170lbs.

Oftentimes edited images of “perfect” bodies can seem unattainable goals. A woman that is 5ft tall weighing 110lb will look very different than a 5ft woman weighing 180lbs, where an athlete over 6ft would not likely be able to compete at 110lbs against other athletes weighing 170lb, 180lbs+. 

I bring this point up due to emotional eating. Setting unattainable goals can cause a trigger to eat more, also being bored, lonely, etc. A few things we universally know are activity levels and portions are critical to our goals. 

Tips to Help Maintain a Healthy LifeStyle

I never liked using the word “diet” because to me this is a short term attempt to a lifetime of habits. Let's keep the process simple. We only need to focus on 1 thing at a time. Don’t overstress yourself thinking you need a perfect lifelong fitness and food plan. Simply be mindful of the meal in front of you, and daily exercise. Now that we have a baseline understanding of what kind of body style we have. Lets jump into some tips and tools to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When Fast Food Is a Part of Your Lifestyle

A common sense practice is to reduce sugar and refined carbs, as it is really easy to overconsume. Every once and awhile I like to grab chicken tacos and a bean burrito if I’m on the road (salsa, avocado, protein, salad, beans, tortillas - all carbs.) What I enjoy fills me up while being well rounded. My habit is to order 3 chicken soft tacos (not the fried tacos) and 1 bean and cheese burrito. I know this fills me up but not too much. Over time you’ll start to learn your own range. I used to get the large soda, chips and salsa with sometimes a desert. Losing weight for beginners; slowly cut out the extra food, the desert, then lastly the large soda. You save money and will feel much better. 

They always ask what drink or deserts you want after your meal however this is a sales tactic to be mindful of! “What size drink would you like? '' Our habits might respond poorly to “medium please”. Then the up sale for 20 cents more would you like a large? Yes! What a deal right? They don’t say, “would you like to have a headache with a crash in 30 minutes with a side of type 2 diabetes?”

I decline these extras personally and definitely recommend for you to decline as well. Oftentimes I see people with their large soda and sweets on top of plenty of food. Generally these people appear to be in the obesity range. Imagine the compounding of consuming fast food regularly. Can easily consume over 100Gs of sugar in one meal. As we know this leads to many other issues. Crashes, glucose levels irregularities, tiredness, headaches, even into type 2 diabetes also obesity. We know these things and yet keep these habits. 

Keep It Simple To Lose Weight

Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of diets and trends. Even weighing out each meal. This taught me a lot about portions and at the sametime was not a long term practice for me. I hired coaches that suggested eating every 2-3 hours large quantities of chicken and brown rice. 

When my reminder went off I dreaded eating the same meal again and again...It was terrible. For my lifestyle now I usually eat 1-2 meals a day and a handful of nuts or a small snack with a cup of coffee in the morning along with plenty of water. I don’t follow a clock or clear my whole plate. I eat until I’m satisfied then put the fork down. Some days I’ll intermittently fast until the evening. I started listening to my body and not all the quick diet plans. 

Stop buying cases of soda and sugary snacks. When I’m at the grocery store I check out peoples carts. The people who tend to be heavier have cases of soda, candy, and frozen foods also have you noticed their children tend to be obese? This is automatically setting the household up for failure. Being very blunt here as this is crucial to open your awareness for losing weight because these are habits. We tend to grab essentially the same items every time. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been there mindlessly grabbing the same goodies! We need to take responsibility for our actions.

Find Foods You Enjoy

Find healthy foods you enjoy (remember we are creating lifelong habits.) If you enjoy dark chocolate this could be a good addition to your pantry. This does not mean to eat a chocolate bar everyday, it goes back to being mindful of our consumption. Do you like avocados? Sometimes I will make avocado toast on whole grain bread for a morning snack. Does it replace a pile of bacon with pancakes covered in butter swimming in syrup? Not completely. (If meats are a part of your food consumption.) For me this was being more mindful eating of what my daily activities are going to be. On days of lower activity I will consume in moderation to the day. I don’t beat myself up if I over indulge every once in a while. If I eat a pile of pancakes with bacon and a hot chocolate I enjoy it in that one meal, I just don’t make this a daily habit though.

I’m not a big salad person but I know dark leafy greens are very important and that are very good for us. Leafy greens are full of vitamins and minerals. Not ground breaking news here. You can even make up your own smoothie, lots of greens, a banana, some frozen blueberries and usually a scoop of protein (I tailored the recipe to my liking.) 

We don’t need to create overly complicated formulas with micro managing grams of consumption for an average person. Let's take this one conscious choice at a time. If your goals alter overtime, find the next level of guidance. For now let's focus on changing out those non serving habits.

Mindful Eating Tip

Being mindful of activity output and what we are consuming through intake will dramatically move us into the desired direction of our goals.

We don’t pump 10 extra gallons in our cars when they’re full. A sensor stops the fuel when the tank hits the capacity. We have a similar response when we consume food (fuel) as-well. If someone was pouring extra fuel on their car we would think they’re crazy, when we over consume we think little to nothing about it. 

When our vehicles are low on fuel we feel them up then when needed. It depends of course on how much activity we are getting out of the vehicle (our body). Maybe 1 week we are really active and use more fuel, maybe another not active at all. This is where awareness will greatly aid towards how to lose weight and keep it off (aka management goals.)

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