6 simple tips to stop overeating

6 Simple Tips To Stop Overeating

You’re not alone and we’ve all been there. Sometimes food is just really good and you want to eat more and more of it but then the after effects start kicking in and you just feel like crap. Luckily, there are some very simple things you can implement to stop that overeating habit. 

#1 Drink Water

Sometimes we think we are hungry when in fact we are just thirsty. It can easily be missed so next time grab yourself a glass of water, wait a few moments and see if you feel better. There are so many positive effects of drinking water and it’s great to strive to make sure we are drinking enough throughout the day.

#2 Smaller Portions

When making yourself a plate, aim for smaller portions. This is about the size of your fist. Implement this for your protein and carbohydrates. This portion control will help you determine how much to eat to the point of where you feel not hungry but not too full, just right in the middle. 

#3 Get Your Nutritions

The previous step of smaller portions won’t work unless you are of course eating the nutrients your body needs. For example if you eat small portions of empty (low) carbohydrates, you won’t feel satisfied and you won’t get the energy that is needed for the day. Depending on what kind of foods or certain diets you like to implement as a lifestyle, make sure you at least get your lean proteins, healthy fats, and healthy carbohydrates.

#4 Slow It Down

If you think about it, eating good and fresh food is one of the many luxuries in life so why not slow down instead of scarfing down the food and enjoy your food. This also helps to not put so much stress on your digestive system and gives it a chance to work properly. Also when eating meals, sitting down, this helps relax your body which also aids in the digestive system to work calmly and properly as well. 

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#5 Cut Back On High Carbs

Whatever your food intake is like, be aware that eating high carbohydrates leads to more hunger. This is because when you eat a lot of carbs, your insulin level skyrocket and then it comes back way down which at that point your body tells you you need more carbs which can lead to overeating. 

#6 Eat More Meals Closer Together

Try eating those smaller portion size meals but closer together. Instead of waiting 6-7 hours aim for 3-5 hours. Becoming self aware of what your body is telling you, you don't need to starve between lunch time till dinner. Eating more meals closer together also gives you a chance to intermittent fast either morning or evening time. This is where you don’t eat during a certain time frame. For example you give yourself an 8 hour window frame to eat all your meals during and the rest of the hours you don’t eat (most of this time is spent sleeping at night.) If you choose to implement this along with not eating high carbs, you will notice you won’t be so hungry all the time.


Mindful eating when implementing these tips is key to help you to stop overeating and creating a long term, healthy eating lifestyle. Our relationship with food is a lifetime commitment. By establishing a good foundation now to make it into a habit will help with great success for the future!

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