5 Powerful Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy

5 Powerful Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy

As Backstreet Boys would say…”Don't Go Breaking My Heart” (but we mean it literally.) Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, that is insane! What is more insane though is that there are 5 powerful tips that you can do today and every day to keep your heart nice and healthy! Let's get into the details.

Quit The Smoking

quit smoking for heart health

Smoking has been linked to heart disease for a good while now. Yes, it is addicting and some people may find it hard to quit cold turkey or some people have an easier time letting go of it just like that. Whatever the case may be, having a plan to quit smoking is a great way to start to make sure you are contributing to having good heart health. If you are struggling to quit smoking, reach out to your physician and go over options on how to quit smoking.

Get To Your Ideal Weight

weight loss for heart health

Being over your body weight has a lot of stress to your body and a lot of stress to your heart. Making sure you are at a healthy weight for your age, gender, and physical activities is crucial in not putting extra stress on your heart.  If you need to lose weight and are not sure where to start, here are some of the best diets for weight loss that may help you get to your ideal body weight.

Move Your Body

exercise for heart health

Doing physical exercise a couple times a week makes your heart happy. This is because when We are exercising we are strengthening our bones, reducing stress, and improving sleep, and so much more but most importantly reduce the risk of heart disease. If you looking for some exercises to get your body moving check out this total body workout with no equipment or even this core workout pyramid. Remember to go at your own pace and take it easy if you are new to exercising. 

Eat Real Food

eat real food for heart health

By eating real food we mean eating your vegetables like dark leafy greens, carrots, onions, bell peppers, broccoli,...etc. Fruits like berries, bananas, apples,...etc. Healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts...etc. Keeping up with our nutrition and learning to love foods that are best for us is a great habit to include in our everyday lives.

Vitamin K2

vitamin k2 for heart health

Vitamin K2 plays an essential role with the inhibition of arterial calcification keeping your arteries clear of calcium build up to help prevent a heart attack. You can find foods with Vitamin K2 in them like eggs, butter, beef, chicken,..etc. However we may not be getting the proper nutrients on a daily basis because we are humans and not perfect. We all have our own busy life schedules and not always eat the right foods. In that case, supplementing is always an option. Our 2 in 1 Support K2+D3 has both Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 to help move those nutrients into the body along with Calcium and BioPerine for better absorption to help keep your heart healthy.

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