Ways To Relax Before Bed

Ways To Relax Before Bed

When it comes to sleep, we don't often realize how significant it truly is and how much a lack of sleep can cause detrimental effects on our health. While some of us could simply feel grumpy or find it harder to focus, not managing our sleep schedule can cause issues far deeper than that. We could be looking at heart disease, obesity, diabetes and lower life expectancy, all from just not getting enough sleep.

Point is that getting good quality sleep is important so today we are listing the ways to relax before bed.

No Electronic Devices

The point of stimulus control is to leave anything that stimulates you out of the bedroom. This allows your brain to only associate your bedroom with sleeping and nothing else. This includes leaving electronics out of the bedroom, practice consistent sleep times and wake up times, merely going to your bedroom when you are sleepy or ready to sleep and most importantly, getting out of bed if you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes.

Red Lights

In the evening start preparing for bed by switching to those red hue lights or even dimming the lights will work too. This will help to not illuminate so much of that blue hue light that stimulates our brain. With dimmer lights or red lights, we are telling our brain it is time to relax and sleep.

Relaxation Training

We frequently hear of deep breathing, meditation or guided imagery to aid in the relief of stress or anxiety, but these techniques can be huge when it comes to sleep. More specifically, there is one relaxing technique that many do wonders and that’s the box breathing technique. This controlled breathing technique helps relax the brain and the body.

Warm Liquids 

Before bed, around 2-3 hours before to eliminate getting up in the middle of the night to the bathroom, start to drink a warm beverage. This can be a warm glass of milk, tea, or even warm water if you want! 


Here at Vybez Nutrition, we believe Magnesium is a great helper when it comes to sleep, and we’re not the only ones. The National Sleep Foundation also shows magnesium to “increase the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain, which is responsible for slowing your thinking down and helping you fall asleep.” Our vegan-friendly Natural Magnesium Glycinate isn't only able to calm the brain and body but also assists in bone and muscle strength as well as supporting nerve health.

Sleep is more than just an essential part of our day; it is a crucial part of our life. When we lack, we come face to face with some serious health issues that can become worse over time. Whatever your lack of sleep comes down to, it is important to look at some of these ways to relax before bed to gain the sleep we all know we need and deserve!

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