How To Improve Your Mindset Every Morning

How To Improve Your Mindset Every Morning

Do you wake up in the morning feeling in a bad mood? Because you are not a morning person or just because that’s how your mornings typically are? Not wanting to go do your normal daily tasks, no motivation, lack of happiness,...etc. Whatever the case may be you can change how you feel or your attitude towards your life because you are 100% in control of how you feel. That’s right you can choose to feel happy, sad, lonely,...etc. You can change your mindset at any time. 

Just like a skill that is learned you can learn to change your mindset by repetition or an emotional impact (an emotion so strong, you have a change of heart that changes your perspective in life.) Here are a few things you can do to improve your mindset every morning!

Drink Water

Simple but very important. Drinking water in the morning helps get your organs to wake up and start functioning. It also helps to hydrate you throughout your body and especially your brain. When we are dehydrated we can get headaches that make us in a not very good mood which therefore puts us in not the best mindset. 

Make sure you are hydrating yourself in the morning whether that may be coffee, tea, or just plain water. Just as long as you are consuming water, you are on your way to a better mindset.

Exercise In The Morning

Nothing beats the feeling of rushed endorphins in the morning. Getting a good sweaty workout in before starting your day tends to set you up for a great rest of your day. Your brain and body love it and you will too so why not try add it to your morning routine? You’ll have more energy for the day and mentally you’ll be feeling good which puts you in a better mindset giving you a new perspective in your life.


An affirmation is something declared to be true: a positive statement or judgement. This can be written down, said out loud, or thought of. You’d want these to be very powerful, so powerful that they give you the chills and have an emotional impact. A great practice that you can do is during workout in the morning you can think of an affirmation for every rep or even say them a lot loud for every rep. It may help you push through your work out. Give it a try!

After a while of saying these affirmations in the morning, you will start to notice how your mindset has improved. It’s quite extraordinary and revolutionary really! 

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Go outside and take some deep breaths. You can practice the box breathing method as well anywhere really but why not get a taste of fresh air while you're at it? It is shown to chemically relax you and bring down your nervous system just after a few deep breaths. You can try to do some or even all workouts outside so during your workout you're consistently getting fresh air and when you're done you can sit back, take deep breaths and see how fast you can bring your heart rate down. This is also a good skill to learn how to calm yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. 

Gratitude & Get Ready

In a busy world it’s great to make good use of time. That's why we bundled these two together and also suggested the above together as well but ultimately it is up to you of course. 

Getting ready for the day can be a powerful way to mentally set up your mindset for success. We tend to take a more productive approach and feel better about ourselves that we invented the time to get ready for the day. Ditch the music or whatever you listen to while you're getting ready and think or say out loud what you are grateful for every morning. At first it may be hard to come up with things to be grateful for but after a while it’ll come easier to you. You will find an abundance of gratitude for the things you already have in your life which will be a game charger for your mindset.

Chillax and Relax

Stress is not our friend and we all know it by now. To relax we must be in the present. Thinking about the past can cause depression and thinking about the future can cause anxiety but when we are present, we are simply present. Try to be sad or anxious when you are in the present moment. It won’t work. Of course this is also a skill set that will improve over time of practice. Another way to also help with relaxation is our Natural Ashwagandha which helps balance your mood, helps lower cortisol levels, & supports a healthy nervous system. This is a great way to help with anxiety relief naturally. 



Take it slow and don’t get overwhelmed with all of these options. Start with one and start implementing it to your morning routine. After you get the hang of it start implementing another and before you know it you’ll improve your mindset every morning that will give you a head start on your day! 

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