how to get rid of anxiety naturally

How To Get Rid of Anxiety Naturally

How To Get Rid of Anxiety Naturally

About 3+ years ago out of nowhere straight out of the blue, I had my first palpitation. At the time I was currently working in the Operating Room and in the Emergency Room. I was also doing intense workout sessions at CrossFit. In a nutshell; I had great jobs that I was grateful for, an amazing husband, and a lovely supporting family. I had absolutely NO reason what’s so ever to even be stressed out about anything, like LITERALLY no reason at all but yet here I was having palpitations.

After the first few days my palpitations had gotten worse and I started to worry because I didn’t have health insurance so trying to stay calm wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. I did the best search that I could on my own to treat myself and because I had no prior health issues or underlining disease all my search linked back to anxiety. My symptoms started to progress with adding chest pain and panic attacks out of nowhere so I did end up going multiple times to the doctors getting an EKG, x-rays, heart monitor,...etc you name it and NOTHING. All the doctors told me is just anxiety and got prescribed anxiety medication. This was all new to me, I never have dealt with this my entire life. I’ve worked in healthcare long enough to seem many people deal with this but never thought I’d deal with it myself. It got so bad that one day I was working out and I had a panic attack in the middle of my workout, everything turned to tunnel vision (yes like in the movies.) I had to stop working out all together because elevating my heart rate triggered my anxiety of course. I slowly started to get depressed because I couldn’t workout anymore, my heart felt like it was bottling everything inside, my chest was hurting all day, I felt like I couldn’t breath, had my first prolonged migraine, and my nervousness was off the charts. I would avoid social gatherings or being around people because loud noise would also trigger my panic attacks. This was literally the weirdest/darkest time of my life.

After a few months I decided I’ve had enough. I was tired of this anxiety taking control over my life so I became determined that I was going to do everything in my power to get rid of my anxiety so I began to do more digging in my research on how to overcome anxiety.

Natural Anxiety Remedies 

I knew there were many pillars that I had to tackle in order to overcome anxiety and that it was not just going to be one particular thing. I didn’t take the medications that the doctors prescribed me because honestly that just treating the symptoms, NOT the ACTUAL root cause. It’s like putting a bandaid over an internal bleeding injury.

1. Mindset to Help Overcome Anxiety

First thing I did was take a step back and evaluate my situation. I noticed my self talk was way down. I was thinking negative thoughts all day because I was so miserable. I started to YouTube positive mindset videos, ways to get rid of anxiety, how to get rid of anxiety naturally, anxiety remedies...etc. I came across Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Health show and let me tell you, it was good! He (and still does) has amazing speakers on his show that talk about mindset, food, health,...etc. I started to binge watch all his videos which helped me become aware of my mindset. I started to practice positive affirmations and would literally tell myself everyday “I’m getting better.” I would envision myself being healthy and happy again. 

2.The Power of Food For Anxiety Relief

Of course just envisioning yourself happy and healthy is not going to work unless you take action! With all the research that I was doing, it was clear that your diet has the biggest impact on your lifestyle. I started to bunker down on my diet and completely eliminated fast foods, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. I decided to do a detox to cleanse out all my anxiety with juicing for a week and continued to drink a lot of water throughout the day. After my juicing, I learned all the amazing benefits the Keto diet can do to one’s body so Keto I went! 

3.How To Calm Anxiety At Night

With my flight or fight mode running all day I was naturally exhausted by the end of the day but as I would drift off to sleep my body would do a twitch and literally jolt myself awake with the feeling of panic which became so annoying. I did more research on how I can calm my anxiety at night. I started to diffuse essential oils and also put it all over my body. I would drink Chamomile tea to help me whine down along with taking Magnesium Glycinate since it’s known for its powerful mineral that helps to calm the brain and the body.

how to get rid of anxiety naturally4. Yoga For Anxiety Relief

Since I couldn't do intense exercises anymore I thought I'd give yoga a try so I did. I sign up for free yoga sessions and tried out different studios. This is a great to save your money and trying different yoda studios to see which one you will like. I was so desperate to get rid of this anxiety so I went go big or go home mode and did HOT yoga. The first session was so terrifying because I was afraid I was going to have a panic attack in front of everyone (yes everyone as in complete strangers that I will probably never see again, dumb I know.) Luckily I didn't but definitely came close but that was probably because of the heat you feel like you can't breath. It sounds silly but I was super proud of myself for completing my first hot yoga sessions free from panic attacks. I did hot yoga for 1 month straight and I feel like this was also a great way that helped to rewire my brain to try to relax.


After 1 year long of doing all these natural remedies to help with anxiety, I finally started to feel like myself again to the point I was able to start working out again! I still to this day experience mild anxiety from time to time but because I went through the peak, I now am more aware of it and can “control” better is what I believe (or at least tell myself) and can start taking quick action to implement all the things I did to overcome it before it gets worse. However, after overcoming this peak of anxiety in my life I realized how common it is for women (and men too) to deal with mild anxiety everyday which blows my mind yet no one really talks about it. Now, I understand that there are different levels of anxiety and that everyone has different experiences so keep in mind that this is what helped me with my level of anxiety but hopefully you got something useful out of it to help you with your anxiety.

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