6 Strange Ways To Feel Better Every Day

6 Strange Ways To Feel Better Every Day

Pet A Dog Or A Cat

If you're a dog or cat owner you know how true this is. Just by simply interacting with animals can raise our oxytocin levels that helps relax and calm us down. It even lowers our blood pressure! Our pets are a different kind of breed that gives us unconditional love that we form a strong bond with. If you don't own a dog or a cat hangout with someone that does or even stop by the animal shelter and pet a furry animal and see if it makes your day!

Check In With Yourself

Nothing is more important than making sure your brain chemistry is in line. If it’s out of whack it can throw your whole perception of life off which affects your daily decisions. So by a simple daily check in with ourselves to ask ourselves “how are we feeling?” can go a long way with realizing what you may not have realized before. Staying happy and having a life that is fulfilling is what we aim for here. Being stress free is also along the lines with this as it can affect our mood with our cortisol levels. Maintaining low cortisol levels can help manage stress. This is exactly what we aim for in our Natural Ashwagandha capsules that helps lower cortisol levels, may reduce stress and anxiety, and can help with relaxation.

Talk To A Stranger

Chances are you probably have had a conversation with a complete stranger some time in your life. Have you thought of how you felt after your conversation? Were you happier? Got sad? Angry? Well if it was a good conversation that is, you most likely were happier after this conversation with a stranger. Why? It’s actually backed up by science that by connecting with another person, even if it’s for a short amount of time, actually increases our happiness! A study showed that those who striked up a conversation had a more positive experience versus those who stayed quiet. 

Get Your Fiber In

There are many that say your gut is connected to your brain or that your brain is connected to your gut. Either way they are connected in some special way that it is important to stay on top of a clean and healthy gut system. One of the ways is making sure to eat plenty of fiber. Why? Because fiber helps break down your food moving your digestive system. Our body systems are meant to keep moving and not staying still. Not only does it help with our digestive system but fiber also helps lower the risk of heart disease, maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of cancer and help to live longer!

Listen To Sad Songs

You would think that in order to feel better we would listen to happy songs instead right? Well who knew that it is actually the opposite! According to research, it is determined that “listening to sad music can lead to beneficial emotional effects such as regulation of negative emotion and mood as well as consolation.” This makes sense as we humans tend to sometimes trap our feelings instead and by listening to sad songs they provide an emotional release that can be very therapeutic to make us feel better. 

Go Outside

Many studies show that spending a few minutes a day can literally alter your mood in a good way as it can lower your heart rate, blood pressure and stress. Not only that but it may boost your creativity and optimism. This can be by simply just being outside your home, going for a walk or going to a park. This is due to seeing nature by looking a trees, grass, anything in the color green. This is also due to getting sunshine and absorbing some of that good Vitamin D. During the cold season may be tricky for some people to go outside but luckily with our 2 in 1 Support Vitamin K2+D3 can also help to feel better as it can also aid in immunity, helps with muscle function, bone strength, and heart health.



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