5 Step Master Guide On Staying Consistent

5 Step Master Guide On Staying Consistent

Sometimes we make up excuses for not working out like “I’m too tired, I don't have enough time in the day, I’m too busy….etc.” And skipping one day of working out may turn into skipping two days, then 3 days, then it just snowballs and we never get to it. Now don’t get me wrong, we must also listen to our bodies and it’s okay to skip a workout here and there because we aren't in the mood. We just want to be aware of when we start to make up excuses for skipping the gym or anything in our daily lives outside of the gym, whatever your aiming for to stay consistent may be, here is the 5 step master guide on staying consistent.

Make A Goal 

When you think about it, why do we do the things we do everyday anyway? Where are we going? What’s our plan? What’s our goal? If you are reading this thinking shoot I don’t even know! Then that is okay, in fact it’s exciting because now this is the beginning to your path of achieving the things you want in life! 

Targeted Goals

Get a piece of paper and write down everything you want to achieve aka goals. Because having goals seems very “eh one day” so we are going to call them target goals because it’s what we are aiming for and can be adjusted making it less intimidating. When writing down your targeted goals think of something that excites you just by thinking about it, something that gives you that burning sensation of desire, something that excites you, something that motivates you!  

Break It Down

When you step back and look at all the targeted goals you want to achieve it may feel overwhelming and you start to think of everything that needs to get done. This may cause stress and anxiety which we do not want. So instead stepping back, step forward to each individual targeted goal one by one and break it down. When breaking down one individual goal, write down the small steps on how you would get there. Do this for all of your individual targeted goals. Once you do this, it won’t seem so scary or impossible to accomplish. Anything is possible! 

Put It On Your Dream Board

Now that you have completed writing down all the targeted goals along with your small breakdowns of how you're going to get there, make a “dream board” or “vision board” of all the things you’d want to accomplish. Hang this up somewhere you’ll be able to see if everyday preferably multiple times a day. This helps you remember and puts it into your subconscious.

Add It To Your Schedule

In your phone calendar, schedule in a time during the day on that small step you're going to do to get closer to your targeted goal and set a reminder for it. You’ll be in control of making the decision of what time in the day to work on this goal. Even if it’s 10 reps of a booty workout each day, that is still pushing you in the direction of accomplishing your bigger goal. Remember the compound effect, doing a little bit each day puts you closer to your goals. Every day counts!

What’s nice about this 5 step master guide is that once you do it, you're done and don’t have to do it again for a while until you’ve accomplished your targeted goals. After you accomplish your first targeted goal then you repeat these 5 steps and keep repeating until you get to your big main goal. So whatever it is you want to achieve, fitness related or personal life related, remember that doing this 5 step master guide on staying consistent will bring you closer to your goals!

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