5 Easy Steps to Keep Your New Year's Resolution

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your New Year's Resolution

We see it every beginning of the year, gyms packed, CrossFit classes packed, weight training classes packed...you name it. Then after a few weeks as the year goes on you’ll start seeing less and less people. Why? Because they simply don’t stick to their New Year's Resolution, it’s no secret and we all know it. However, because this happens to the majority of people, that doesn’t mean this has to be you to whatever your New Year's resolution may be. Why? Because today we are giving you 5 easy steps to keep your new year’s resolution. 

Step 1: What Is It That You Truly Want?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself “what is it that I truly want?” and legitimately take the time to think? If you haven’t now is the time to do so. Grab a pen and piece of paper and start writing what comes to mind of the things you want. This can be whatever you want; get in better shape, losing weight, earn more money, travel to certain places...etc. But make sure you “dig deep.” For each thing you write down ask yourself “why do I want that” and whatever answer you get for that, ask yourself “well why do I want that” and so on for about 6-7 times until you reach your true “Why.”

Step 2: Create A Goal / Dream Board

Now that you have written down what you truly want (aka goals/ dreams) we want to make sure you are able to see them everyday and because we are visual creatures, you are going to create a goal/ dream board! Cut out pictures of magazines, print off pictures or actually draw your goals/ dreams. Have fun with it and get as creative as you want with your board! When you're done hang it up somewhere where you will see it everyday. This will remind you every time you see it everyday and hold some accountability to yourself.

Step 3: Start Small

One of the common mistakes when setting goals and accomplishments is going at it full speed just like the beginning of a CrossFit workout, you never want to go at it 100% because then you’ll burn out. It’s similar to your New Year’s resolution. The best way to put it to words is “doing something each day that will bring you closer to your goals.” Now depending on your “due dates” of when you are wanting to accomplish the goal or dream, you want to roughly calculate how much time to set aside you will need to be able to accomplish it which brings us to our 4th step below.

Step 4: Put It On Your Calendar

We know life can get kind of crazy and before you know it years has flown by. Becoming organized in your daily activities is one of the best things you can do to help you stay on track for those “due dates.” Remember we are “doing something each day that will bring you closer to your goals” so put it on your calendar and schedule out a time frame on when you want to work to make your dreams and goals become a reality! 

Step 5: Stable Foundation For Motivation

Think, write, or tell yourself everyday your goals / dreams. You can also implement some affirmations as if you already completed those goals. What you tell yourself is very important so make sure you are aware of your thinking and mindset. We want to have positive thinking to help keep your motivation going. One of the biggest things to help with your dreams/ goals is having the motivation to do it because at the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to is motivation and your not going to feel so motivated if your “why” is not in place and if your “why” is not place then your vision of your goals is not clear and if your visions of your goals is not clear then your motivation is not on point and if your motivation is not on point then you will quit your New Year’s resolution and your goals / dreams will not become your reality. Are you following? It’s a rabbit hole that a lot of people go down in but not you because you now know these 5 easy steps to KEEP your New Year’s resolution.

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