Why Should Women Lift Weights Anyway?

Why Should Women Lift Weights Anyway?

Apart from feeling like wonder women with super strength, have you really ever wondered the benefits that come from lifting weights? There are many great benefits that lifting weights can do for women and today we are diving into the details!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

That’s right, lifting weights releases those endorphins to your brain making you more happy and less stressed. By getting our exercise on we are releasing our stress that can help reduce anxiety and agitation.


As we continue to age, so do our fast-twitch muscle fibers in our body. When we are lifting weights, we are repeatedly exercising those muscles which helps us get our balance on point where it should be.

Super Brain

Weight lifting along with other activities just as strength training, cardio, walking, sports,...etc. greatly impacts our mental stimulation that helps build that muscle brain and can also help decrease the risk of memory loss.

Bones Bones Bones

Another joy that comes with age is getting weaker bones. Luckily to beat the odds of getting fragile bones is by lifting weights. This is due to stress being put on the bones that over time, repetitive weight lifting makes our bones stronger.

Happy Heart, Happy Life

Similar to the concept of adding stress to the bones makes them stronger overtime, well the same concept applies to the heart. Even though when we are lifting weight we are temporarily bringing up blood pressure, in the long run it helps keep our blood pressure down giving us a happy heart, happy life!

And there you have it. Keep lifting those weights!

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