Ultimate Guide To Improve Mobility And Flexibility

Ultimate Guide To Improve Mobility And Flexibility

Why Mobility And Flexibility Is Important

In a world where everything is GO GO GO and working out is all about GO GO GO, when you hear the words mobility and flexibility what comes to mind a slow, easy physical movement that is not such an exciting event right? However it is such an important thing to work on because your mobility and flexibility depend on your workout performance. Especially if you're doing CrossFit, you want to make sure your joints stay healthy and your movements have a good flow to help decrease the risk of an injury.

How To Improve Mobility And Flexibility

There are a few different ways to improve your mobility and flexibility that you can choose what works best for you. What's nice about this is that is not set in stone, one fits all. We all have different bodies and each move a little different than the other so we can figure out what works best for our body. 

The ultimate way to success is The Compound Effect. In a nutshell, doing a little bit each day (doesn’t have to be a lot) but just small efforts eventually compounds into ultimate success. That’s exactly how we can improve our mobility and flexibility by whatever you choose to do, implement it to your daily routine. Whether that may be in the middle of your day, early in the morning or after your workout. As long as you're doing a little bit each day. 

Wanna hear a secret? If you're struggling to do this everyday, don’t give it much attention to the event. Sometimes thinking about what needs to get done and finding the motivation to do it is more exhausting than actually doing it. So don’t even think about it and just do it (thanks nike.)


Don’t you love the feeling of waking up in the morning and getting a good stretch in before jumping out of bed? Why not implement a longer version of those good feels into your day?

They don’t have to be intense stretches either, just some simple movements such as sitting in a squatting position, locking your hands together and moving them in circles, moving your ankles in circles, moving your neck side to side slowly,...etc. As long as the movements are nice and slow and controlled. Don’t hyperextend to the point it feels super uncomfortable, we want good vibes only.

Stretching Benefits

The awesome benefits from stretching everyday is that it may help improve your blood circulation meaning more blood to your muscles which can shorten your recovery time and reduce sore muscles! Pretty cool right?

Foam Rolling

You’ll see a lot of CrossFit athletes using this method before or after workouts. Foam rolling is great because it is easy and simple to do. You can use the foam roller pretty much all over your body such as your calves, quads, glutes, hamstrings, adductors, lower back, upper back. Just like massaging, any time we are releasing tension to our muscles, we want to make sure the blood circulating is going towards your heart. This is like a self-massage so when rolling out make sure you are putting the pressure going upwards and less pressure when going downwards.

Foam Rolling Benefits

Similar to stretching beliefs, foam rolling benefits help relieve tight muscles, increase better blood flow circulation and decrease soft-tissue density. 

Tennis Ball Massage

Using a tennis ball gives you the same benefits as to stretching and foam rolling except you can hit those specific trigger points and little more intensely. Think of it as a deep tissue massage. You can really un-tie those “knots” without paying someone to do it for you, less time consuming, plus it’s a lot cheaper. It’s a win-win!

Supplements For Mobility and Flexibility

Another great way to help with mobility and flexibility is supplementing with a joint support supplement. This helps ease and comforts the joints, making it a more pleasant experience if you're having some joint pain or joint stiffness when doing your mobility and flexibility exercises. Consuming Glucosamine and Chondroitin together have been shown to help with aiding joint comfort therefore helping any physical complex movements such as CrossFit workouts. We made our Ultra Joint Support Complex supplement formula with not only glucosamine and chondroitin but other ingredients such as Turmeric, Bromelain, and MSM just to name a few.

Mobility and Flexibility Routine

Try the stretching, rolling out, or tennis ball massage or a mixer of all for 10 mins total each day. Remember the compound effect that a little each day goes a longggg way! Depending how your feeling and if you need more TLC go longer than 10 mins. Doing this and supplementing with a Joint Support supplement, shoot, who knows you might come out like a brand new person and your new favorite ultimate guide to improve mobility and flexibility!

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