Top Natural Muscle Recovery Remedies After Workout

Top Natural Muscle Recovery Remedies After Workout

Soon after a great workout, you might start feeling the after effects. What do we mean by effects? Good ol' muscle soreness of course. While there are many things you can do to help relieve those sore muscles, these are the best known natural ways to go about it to help the recovery process. Let's dive into it! 

Apple Vinegar

Known for its anti-inflammation properties and alkalising properties which help aid in digestion. This is a great natural way to help with muscle recovery. How much to take? Due to its strong sour taste you can dilute in water, 1-2 tablespoons per day. If you're feeling like a savage you can straight up take it like a shot as well. When looking for the best apple cider vinegar you want to look for the one that states “raw” and organic on the bottle. You also want to look for the ones that state “with the mother.”

Magnesium Glycinate

One of the most important minerals is Magnesium Glycinate, also known as one of the seven essential macrominerals. Magnesium is crucial when it comes to muscle recovery as it plays as a natural calcium blocker that results in your muscles relaxing. If you are lacking magnesium you might even notice more muscle cramping and spasming.

Not only does it help with muscle recovery but it also helps relax the brain and nervous system due to the presence of glycine which can help bring anti-anxiety benefits to help you relax and also promote better sleep. On top of all of that Magnesium Glycinate also helps keep strong bones by maintaining healthy bone density, helps abnormal heart rhythms and blood sugar control that may help lower the risk of developing diabetes. 

Where can you find this amazing mineral? Vybez Nutrition Natural Magnesium Glycinate that is 100% vegan friendly made with all-natural ingredients is gluten free and GMO free.



That's right the most natural beverage consumption you can take that has been on this Earth for many many years; Water. Keep in mind our bodies are pretty much made up of water so when our muscles are working and they don't have enough water you will tend to cramp more as well. When we are working out it is important to not neglect hydrating so we can avoid getting dehydrated because that could cause fatigue, heat strokes, and not give you the best workout performance and possibly cause other problems as well. Drink your water peeps!


In conclusion, if you want to try some natural muscle recovery remedies starting here would be a great start. Try some of these remedies and see if you’ll notice a difference with your muscle recovery!

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