tips on how to boost your workout performance

Tips On How To Boost Your Workout Performance

We have all been there, one of those days where you walk out of the gym not feeling like you did your best and you could have done better. In a perfect world we would always have an amazing workout however we are human and sometimes emotions play a part or other factors that contribute to your workout performance.

Even though we don't have control over certain things that happen in life, there are a few things you can do to boost your workout performance that indeed you do have control over.

Schedule Your Eating Time Accordingly

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Working out on an empty stomach can affect your performance in lacking energy. By empty stomach we’re not talking about intermittent fasting but we mean that you are not on a fasting plan and it's been hours and hours since your last meal and you're ready for a meal but you go workout instead. Having the right fuel in your body for a workout is a big determination on your performance. 

On the other hand, eating too soon before working out can also have a negative impact on your performance. Having a full belly while trying to move around it's not the best feeling in the world,  you may even feel nauseated. Plan your meals around your workout. A good rule of thumb is to wait three to four hours before working out to let your stomach fully digest all your food!

Get Enough Recovery Time

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This is very important; to not neglect the body. Try to resist the temptation to go workout with your muscles being really sore, it may cause more damage than good. Make sure you get enough recovery time in between your workouts so your muscles are healed and repaired and ready for the next big workout! Here are a few tips on how to relieve sore muscles.

Dress To Impress...Yourself

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This is more of a mindset than anything but wearing cute clothes can be very motivating because if you look great you feel great! It gives you that extra boost in your workout performance as mindset plays a big role when it comes to performance. Also when wearing Fitness apparel wear something that is very comfortable and stretchy gives you all the right support for doing those intense workouts.

Play That Song 

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Nothing beats a workout booster than jamming out to your favorite hits. It creates an emotional response when we're really feeling that song, putting us in the motivational, pumped up mindset to get the job done. Plus hearing a great song is a lot more motivating and can boost your workout performance versus hearing just grunts!


hydrate to boost workout performance


Making sure you are consuming enough water throughout the day so when it comes to your workout time your muscles are already hydrated in ready for a serious great workout! if your muscles are not hydrated well enough this could cause some serious consequences and dehydration and we do not want that while we are in the middle of our workout. A good rule of thumb is to drink half an ounce to an ounce for each pound you weigh. Also remember to drink water on a sipping base and not chugging a whole gallon of water in one sitting.

Use The Right Supplements


supplements to boost workout performance

Before we put physical stress on our body, it is very important that we are first healthy enough to start or continue exercising and that's where nutrition and supplements come into play. In a perfect world we would eat all the right foods and the exact amount of nutrition that our body needs but no one is perfect and we might not consume the right amounts of food all the time even though we strive to do the best we can. That's where supplements come into play, we are supplementing something we are deficient in that we don't get from our daily nutrition and can be a great tool when it comes to boosting your workout performance. We emphasize supplements as a “tool” because that's exactly what they are and can be very beneficial to your fitness lifestyle. 

Taking Collagen and Joint Support for example, is great in helping to keep our bone strength strong and healthy, helping organs to work functionally, cartilage health, joint flexibility, mobility, healthy and comfortable joints...and a lot more!

Another example is taking Ashwagandha and Magnesium Glycinate does wonders to the body when it comes to relaxation, nerve health, supporting energy, mood balance and more that can be very beneficial for recovery in between workouts.

Using Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 it's also a great supplement when it comes to preventing blood clots, promoting heart health, supporting strong bones & muscles, and boosting the immune system. 

Ensuring our bodies are in a good healthy status first, is important before putting physical stress on the body (AKA working out.) To continue or start our fitness lifestyle (depending what chapter you are in your fitness lifestyle) making sure we have the proper nutrition in our body is very important and if you are not consuming the proper nutrition on a daily basis (which we are not all perfect human beings) using supplements is a great alternative to use as a tool helping that nutrition deficiency which then, can help boost your workout performance.

When it comes to choosing a supplement brand consider Vybez Nutrition specially formulated for women, created by women. All of our products are carefully sourced from where we believe is from the best throughout the world made in the USA in our FDA registered facility.

tips on how to boost your workout performance- vybez nutrition

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