pre workout vs bcaa

Pre workout vs BCAA

Pre-workout vs BCAA

Let's say you’ve been heading to the gym for a while, and you’ve started to get comfortable with your surroundings. You are feeling motivated, you have started to note the changes in strength in your workouts and most importantly, you are just feeling healthier than before. Though now you want to step it up a notch. You’ve started thinking about supporting your gym routine with some supplements but are unsure which ones to dive into. It can be tricky in such a massive industry to know which supplements are worth taking, or which ones are going to act more like a placebo to get you going. Let us help you in understanding the difference between the two more popular options fitness fanatics take, pre-workout vs BCAA.

What is Pre-workout?

If you have ever seen videos on social media of people downing a powdered shot before their workout, that right there is a pre-workout. The multi-ingredient supplement comes with a host of benefits that include boosted energy, muscle support and growth, lengthened endurance and increased body strength and performance. The concoctions available pack a punch of nutrition that allows the support in all of these benefits. If you look on the pre-workout ingredients list, you’ll find B vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, carbohydrates, etc. You’ll also most definitely find creatine and/or caffeine in many supplements as it gives you the enhanced exercise performance many are looking for.

The one thing that will be necessary for you to do is really dive deep into what pre-workout ingredients you are buying in. The last thing you want to do is buy a pre-workout that includes ingredients that won’t benefit you. If you happen to be looking for a natural pre-workout that is caffeine and sugar-free with no added artificial colors, Vybez Nutrition's Natural Pre-workout Pulse could be the ideal option for you.

What is BCAA?

Also known as Branched Chain Amino Acids, this group includes


It's numerous metabolic functions are able to aid in the regulation of blood sugar, can help repair muscle and bone tissue after workouts,  contributes to the production of growth hormone and can even be wound healing. 


Can be seen to support overall muscle health. As leucine also does, it can stimulate protein synthesis and regulate blood sugar, as well as reduce the breakdown of protein. This helps with any muscle trauma as it can help our muscles heal. 


Is an interesting option as many people use it for energy, but it also induces an emotional calm. Along with this, it is great for mental focus and coordination, muscle growth and tissue repair. 

If you didn’t already know, there are nine essential amino acids and they are known as essential because our body isn’t able to create them on its own. Yet we still very much need them. Therefore, we are only able to consume them through the foods we eat or by taking supplements.

BCAAs are a popular option as they can not only be taken before, during or after your workout but fuel the body to support endurance and strength, reduce fatigue, build muscle and improve your recovery post-workout.

Pre-workout vs BCAA Benefits

After reading the information above, it may seem like pre-workout and BCAA kind of have the same sort of benefits going on. While this can be true, it doesn’t mean ruling out one or the other. You must remember that while BCAA does a lot for our muscles and the intensity of our workouts, the pre-workout blends available have a combination of ingredients that put you in the right mindset, give you a boost in energy and provides your body with what it needs for muscular endurance. This is due to the stimulants added to the blends. A pre-workout is not only about what it does to your muscles, but how you feel going into a workout and how long that energy lasts. BCAA can be looked at as more of a fuel source, an alternative to carbohydrates, which will delay soreness.

Essentially, if you are looking to increase your training performance as a whole, a pre-workout is what you should be taking. If you are wanting to give your muscles the tools to repair and rebuild, BCAA is what you are looking for.

Do I Take Pre-workout or BCAA?

There really is no right or wrong answer, but there is a point we would like to make. Often, those who want that big energy upgrade going into their workouts go on to buy a pre-workout. For those who aren’t interested in the stimulant aspect of a pre-workout, but would still like to consume something that gives them muscle growth, BCAA is often the main choice. What is interesting about this decision is some people aren’t aware that pre-workout supplements that are caffeine-free are available. For instance, Vybez Nutrition’s Natural Pre-workout Pulse is a caffeine-free option that still helps support energy and focus, contributes to high performance and aids in muscle growth and circulation.


If you are considering taking both, sticking to the recommended dose is imperative. Supplements are just that, a supplement, and are to be used when they are necessary and at the doses recommended by professionals.

The answer to “should I take pre-workout or BCAA?” is not really set in stone. With both supplements having their own benefits, as well as some combining factors, we can benefit from taking both, or be doing some great things for our body and workout by just taking one or the other. We only suggest that if you would like to start simple, go for the pre-workout. Its popularity is clear and with the benefits that come with it, you know you’ll be getting in a good workout as well as some great muscle growth.


Written By: Kristina Innemee

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