how long does it take to get gains

How Long It Takes To Get Gains?

How Do Muscles Grow?

To keep it simple, technically we are injuring our muscles when we are working out. We put enough trauma on the muscle for then the muscle tissue to activate muscle fibers to repair the trauma which in results increasing the muscle fibers therefore bigger muscles. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Gains?

For a beginner on average it usually takes around 8 weeks to see results of muscle grow. For an already experienced individual who already has an existing exercising habit it can be around 3-4 weeks to build muscle. However, there are many factors that go into play for someone to actually see results that not many people are talking about and taken into consideration when it comes to actually building muscle. Usually we are all focused on making sure we are taking enough protein or making sure we are working out a certain number of times throughout the week. Although those are things to consider, actually making sure our body is able to work out effectively and productively in the first place can be easily overlooked. Let go over these topics real quick.

Workout Injuries

  • Sprains and strains
  • Shoulder injury
  • Knee injury
  • Shin splints
  • Sprained ankle
  • Dislocations 

These are the most common workout injuries. If we have an injury that prevents us from being able to continue working out, taking care of our bodies and health is seriously something to make sure to keep up with so we don't have to have that set back in time to further prevent from missing workout sessions and building those gains. 

How To Prevent Injuries 

There are few ways to prevent injuries such as making sure your posture is correct when lifting weights and taking it easy and make sure you're listening to your body. This one prevention is probably the most important of all that is; taking care of your joints. Your joints are your support for your muscle and any mobility movements you make. As we continue to age our bone mass and density decreases making it a higher risk for injuries when working out. Having healthy joints is like having a cushion support that is stable for any body movement you make. In our joints, we have lubrication that decreases the friction and stiffness between the cartilage and makes it an easy, painless, joint movement. This lubrication is called Glucosamine. Our favorite go-to for getting glucosamine is our Ultra Joint Support Complex which contains 1500mg of Glucosamine and made with all natural ingredients.

Staying Consistent with Exercising

When you are injury free and feeling great, continuing to stick with your workout routine is a key for getting gains. Of course everyday is different, some days it's so easy to go workout and other days we just tend to have off days when we lack the energy that we need to motivate ourselves to workout. However, there are certain tricks and tips that you can implement to make sure you stay consistent with exercising. Check out this article for some awesome tips and tricks that not many people are talking about. 

Staying Healthy So You Can Stay Fit

This may not cross your mind when you are feeling great like a million bucks but it is important to think ahead of your immune system so you can be prepared for when you do become sick. There are studies that show taking Vitamin D3 is beneficial to boost your immune system. Being preventative is the key when it comes to not only physical injuries but also staying healthy. When we are sick it's important to rest and if we are resting we cannot work out,  therefore putting us in a break of our consistency and missing workout sessions which means not getting muscle gains.

Recover After Working Out For the Win

Having a fast recovery time in between workouts is a must because that puts us closer to our next workout session. In order to get gains, having a shorter recovery time is important so you can get back to working out as soon as possible. There are many ways to recover from extreme sore muscles like getting a massage, eating foods like spinach blueberries, heat therapy, cold therapy and also taking Magnesium Glycinate are all great ways to prevent and to help with muscle extreme soreness.

In conclusion, taking care of our bodies is the one thing we should focus on when it comes to seeing results in building muscle and getting those gains. After all, we cannot get gains without a functional body to be able to lift weights in the first place. Being preventive and implementing injury prevention along with consistency in working out, staying healthy and shortening recovery times are important things to consider when it comes to getting gains and seeing results.

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