best face mask to use while working out

Best Face Mask To Wear While Working Out

With most of our sporting activities being taken away from us since January because of covid-19, being able to stay active, as well as safe, has become a bit of a challenge. While our own safety and safety of others are of the utmost importance, our health is also incredibly important to us and discontinuing active living can actually do a lot more harm than good. Exercise keeps us healthy and social distancing is able to be accomplished while working out but there is more potential in the virus spreading in people exercising. This is due to heavier breathing and the increase of spread to other people. 

If you have attempted a surgical mask while exercises, you may have discovered that it’s not the best breathable face mask. This is because there is a resistance to airflow. When going out to buy essentials, this type of mask is all well and good, but while exercising, this mask can be risky. Reports of runners passing out while attempting to exercise with wearing these masks were common. This was happening because of the lowered oxygen levels due to recirculating air, carbon dioxide being re-inhaled potentially causing further heavy breathing or hyperventilation and reduced brain function. This led to the World Health Organization stating that people should not wear masks while exercising. With this in mind, a mask is still something we should consider, but what kind of mask can we wear to keep us safe and well… breathing?

Thankfully for us, many companies had our best interest at heart and have begun pouring out exercise masks that help us breathe a little easier while we work up a sweat. Now, with so many alternative options available, let's look at what we need to consider when figuring out which one works best for us.

Firstly, we have the choice between a mask and a gaiter. We are all fairly familiar with a mask, but a face gaiter is like a mask that wraps completely around your neck and face. Generally, they are used when out and about in the wind or sand as protection but has now been utilized as one of the best breathable face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Material is very important, so look for masks that are lightweight and have moisture-wicking fabric which allows for moisture to be pulled away from the body. Think about material close to your workout clothes. Therefore, look for a stretch from elastane or spandex so that while you are running it will be flexible and comfortable.

Another essential aspect is fit. The last thing you need is to be readjusting or fixing your mask when you want to be focusing on your workout. Make sure your mask is snug fit, and adjustable straps can help keep it firm on your face. Otherwise, a face gaiter, which fits around your neck may be a better fit for your exercise of choice.

Below we have listed the best face masks released so far:

Athleta Face Masks

Known as one of the best face masks for running by reviewers. This five-pack face mask is made from polyester and spandex blend, making it stretchy and lightweight. The elastic ear straps are adjustable and this mask boasts breathability.

Adidas Face Covers

Adidas comes in strong with their 3-pack lightweight, soft, and breathable face masks. Just like the rest of their athletic wear and shoes, the Adidas Face Cover is flexible and won’t interfere with movement. They are produced with two layers of fabric and 93% recyclable polyester, flexible straps, and are machine washable. The cool part, you can find different sizing to make sure you are getting the right fit for your workouts.

Mission Cooling Gaiter

If gaiters weren’t cool-looking enough, you’ll never guess what these guys have implanted into theirs. This gaiter has a UPF 50 coating and blocks 98% of UV rays, but most importantly, it can be run underwater, rung out, and will cool to 30 degrees below your body temperature. Staying this cool for up to two hours. If you’re a runner who enjoys the sun, this is an excellent option for you.

Wolford Face Mask

If you’ve heard of or worn Wolford’s leggings or bodysuits, you’ll understand the material that this face-mask is made of. While other brands may use cheaper material, Wolford delivers thick and comfortable design to make this double-layered, ultra-stretchy mask the perfect option for your workouts. Machine-washable, water repellant, and an aluminium nose wire all add to this great option.

PAGE ONE 12in1 Face Mask

A 12in1 gaiter seems kind of farfetched, but when you’re getting a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava face mask for men, face cover for women, seamless mask, beanie, bandana, mouth mask, and more, all in one product, it seems pretty amazing. This moisture-wicking material is perfect for sweating it out, dries quickly, is stretchy, and even has drawstrings to adjust the fit. If that’s not enough, there are plenty of colours and prints to choose from.

Hanes Wicking Cotton Mask

Planning on working out a lot or buying for a group? Hanes has your best deal on face masks by far. These guys offer 50 unisex face masks for $125. On top of that, each mask can be machine washed and used up to 20 times. These masks are made not only from cotton, making them soft to use, but also has moisture-wicking material too. For extra coverage, they have adjustable nosepiece and front panel pleats.

Exercising and facemasks are a thing of the future and with the uncertainty of when we will finally be able to live our lives’ mask free, figuring out the best facemask to wear while working out isn’t as hard as it seems anymore. With many options now available, the best breathable face mask is really dependant on you.

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