9 Things No One Tells You About Starting Crossfit

9 Things No One Tells You About Starting Crossfit

“You're going to start CrossFit?! Whattt?” is probably a normal reaction you’ll get from your friends or family. They might say all sorts of things like “That’s hardcore - You’re going to get too muscular - CrossFit is hard on your body - You’re nuts - You’re going to get hurt.” Whether all these things are true or not really depends on a lot of factors like how you care for your body, trusting your intuition, how you fuel your body...etc.  just like any other sport (except the “too muscular” part, it is very hard to get “too muscular” as a woman (naturally that is.)  If you are a beginner or thinking about starting CrossFit keep reading because today we are telling you the 9 things no one tells you about starting CrossFit. We got your back!

You’ll Most Likely Going To Get Addicted 

Really? Maybe. You’ll most likely know from the first day if you love it or not. If it’s not for you then that’s okay. But if you absolutely love it from day one oh boy you’ll be looking forward to going to the box (CrossFit gym) everyday laying on the ground to get that “I feel like i'm dying” feeling. And on days when you’re too sore to go to class, disappointment and guilt sets in like “oh man I should be there right now!” you’ll crave the rush of endorphins! 

Advice: It’s okay to have a day off ;)

You’ll Lose Count Of All The Bruises, Cuts, And Scrapes

Soon after a few workouts you’ll soon start to notice all these bruises, cuts, and scrapes all over your body. You might start to try to think of what workout exactly caused it because it’s in such a weird place! After a while you’ll get used to it because it is just a part of how your body looks and you’ll proudly wears the scars as they are a scar of battle and survival of death!

Advice: Be the warrior that you are…. and maybe invest in ice packs, hand protection, knee protection….etc.

Find Out Quickly How Out Of Shape You Are

You might think you're in shape because you’ve attended weight lifting classes and zumba before until you try CrossFit and then quickly realize you were very wrong. But don’t freak out! This is a good thing because it gives you that push to the next level of your weight lifting and cardio endurance. Growth is good and that’s exactly what you’ll get when doing CrossFit, always room for growth and get you into the shape that you would like.

Advice: Don’t feel discouraged on what level you're at when you start or are a beginner at CrossFit. We are all on different timelines in our lives. Embrace your level and give it your all.

Mental Toughness And Confidence Alert

After a while you’ll start to see you’ve Rx’d a workout (when you did recommended weight.) Whether it's that you hit a milestone in your weight loss or starting to see your muscles coming in, you start to feel confident in your own skin. You might even develop the confidence CrossFitter walk (when you -the CrossFitter- walk around the box confidently.) Another thing most importantly that no one really tells you about starting CrossFit is that your mental toughness growth goes through the roof! You develop this amazing mental strength that is so empowering! You’ll start to notice it in your personal life too.

Advice: Embrace the toughness and confidence

It’s You Against You

“What do you mean it’s me against me?” When you go to workout at a CrossFit box you attend certain time frames, you workout together as a class on a timed workout. It’s easy to get caught up in making sure you finish the workout first, making sure you’re not the last to finish the workout, run faster than your buddy...etc. your natural competitiveness might come out! “It’s you against you” means that you are only competing with yourself, you are your own competition and doing the best you can will feel better than you trying to beat someone else. 

Advice: Don’t worry about trying to beat the super faster runner or the super heavy lifter. Focus on yourself because as stated above, everyone is at different timelines/journeys and different levels of athleticism. 

Learn The Importance Of Nutrition

Quickly you’ll realize how eating fast food, sugar, soda,...etc. the day before or the day of going to CrossFit is not your friend after the workout. You’ll notice just how it affects not only your performance but how you feel and definitely doesn't help with recovery, in fact it makes the inflammation worse. There are many great diets not only for weight loss but diets that can be a lifestyle that will make you feel good, properly give you that fuel and nutrition your body needs in CrossFit, and help with recovery. Also supplementation is something to consider as well to help keep up your fitness lifestyle for example:

Magnesium: Helps calm the brain & body, assist in bone strength, muscle strength, & nerve health.

Ashwagandha: Supports energy, mood, healthy nerve system and stress relief.

K2+D3: Supports heart health, muscle function, bone strength, and immune system.

Joint Support: Supports joint comfort, mobility, flexibility, & promotes healthy joints.

Collagen: Supports bone strength, joint flexibility, digestive system & skin health.

Advice: Try different foods, diets, supplements and see what works best for you

Your Workout Is My Warm Up

There’s a joke that CrossFitters goes “Your workout is my warm up”....because it’s true. The joke is that the warm up feels like the workout which may seem like the case at first depending on your background of athleticism. A CrossFit class may contain up to 4 segments within 1 hour: 

  1. A warm up (10-20ish mins) 
  2. CrossFit coach explaining and going over the workout movements
  3. WOD (workout of the day)
  4. Some boxes will have a mobility/ stretching cool down at the end

Advice: Though this may seem like alot but it’s not too bad and you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

Wait At Least 2-3 Hours Before Working Out

A great tip for working out in general is making sure your food digests before a workout. This is especially true when it comes to starting CrossFit due to the design of the workout intensity. Plan your meals according to your workout schedule and you should be fine. If you do get the urge to put it bluntly “puke” some CrossFit boxes have a handy budget on stand by. Don’t feel embarrassed if you can’t keep your food down, it can happen to the best of us. Even professional athletes! 


Advice: Give your body a good amount of time to digest and you will most likely be in the clear but also take it easy at first, don’t go full mode in your first few classes. 

Being Part Of A Community

Even if it seems like a scary and intimidating place to go with people throwing loud weights around and grunting, CrossFit has an amazing community. You’ll meet some of the nicest and positive people there and everyone greets you with a warm welcome! The environment is vibrant full of support from everyone, even if you're the last one to finish the workout, people literally cheer you on! It’s a culture that not alot of people talk about because they haven’t tried it for themselves.

Warning: Get ready to be a part of a great community, you’ll most likely get invited to social gatherings.

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